Install Prism 5 under macOS

  1. Get the .iso file from the HU-smb-share.
  2. Mount the .iso file (double click) and then mount the .dmg file inside of it.
  3. Double click the Prism-installer (.pkg) and click through the installer.
  4. When the installer sucessfully finished start the program: Terminal with the help of the Spotlight (search). Type: su your_admin_name (replace your_admin_name with your actual name of an administrator account. For example: su laura. If you are not sure how your name is spelled, copy this into the Terminal and hit enter: dscl . list /Users | grep -v '^_'). Then hit enter and enter your password. You will not see yourself typing. Hit Enter.
  5. Now enter into the Terminal: sudo su, hit enter and type your password again.
  6. If everything went fine you should see a # at the beginning of the Terminal-input. If not just close the Terminal repeat the process.
  7. Now enter: /Applications/Prism\ 5/ (The path to the Prism binary-file) and hit enter.
  8. Prism will now start in admin-mode, enter the serial-number which you find inside of the mounted .iso (not .dmg). Enter a name and instituation with at least 5 characters (it doesn’t matter what you enter).
  9. Close Prism and start it again.

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